Big Sister

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Just thought the other day as I sat in a meeting with a number of kilkenny food producers and my ‘big sister ‘ how things never really change. I grew up in a large family and have an older brother who was 2 years older and a sister who was 1 year older. My mother had 7 more kids after me.


Miriam was always the big sister. I remember clearly having to give Miriam a lift down the first flight of stairs to the toilet each night. Louise and I would cross our hands to make a seat and Queen Miriam would climb aboard. She always promised a return trip back but needless to say that never happened.

Miriam is still the big sister as she puts me in my place when I make a ridiculous suggestion during one of our many meetings planning the Kilkenny Food Trail. She had just left her very successful career in journalism to pursue a career as a pr consultant. You may be wondering how on earth we got so much media presence in the last few months and continue to do so. It all boils down to the genius that is Miriam Donohoe, my big sister.

So when you read our spread in the Food and Wine magazine or hear Damien O Riley talking about Goatsbridge on his Saturday morning show think of Miriam Donohoe. She can do it for you too.

MD Media
Miriam Donohoe

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