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It was another first for Goatsbridge when we participated in Bloom in the Phoenix Park on 27th of May this year. Although sales of my products were important in order to cover the cost of the stand it was’t my primary objective for being there. I could not bring my fresh fish along so I made up lots of smoked trout quiche and pates, products that we hope to bring to market sometime in the New Year.

It was my first time working directly with Bord Bia as they have been given the unenviable job of promoting fish here in Ireland as well as abroad. You may have noticed a new Bord Bia campaign headed by Doaithi O Shea encouraging people to eat more fish .As Martin Shanahan tells us “no skin, no bones ,no problem”.

It was great to meet @icanhascook, @babaduck, @bibliocook, @SHearnesmith ,@smorgasblog @dailyspud and of course the young and dynamic Donal Skeehan. These food bloggers are the new generation of food writers and I just love to dip in and out of their blogs keeping us up to date on the latest food trends. I had to laugh to myself when I realized @dailyspud was a woman so I guess you can say it is always good to put a face to a name. Donal Skeehan is the new up and coming Jamie Oliver and I look forward to watching him make his way to the top. Check out his good mood food blog.
On Monday evening after an exhausting 5 days it was time to make the return journey to Kilkenny. If I am to be honest I did’t have time to miss my family until that moment and I could’t wait to get home expecting a welcoming party at the door.Oh how they must have missed their mother. At 9 o clock I walked up the stairs to say good night only to be welcomed by my youngest with a look of bewilderment and astonishment on her little 4 year old face. She looked at me as she went into the loo for her ritual last minute wee wee and stopped momentarily and said “Hi Mum. Aine (my 7 year old going on 15!!) told me you were dead.” On she walked to do her business and that was that.

Just shows how Bloom,trout,food bloggers,market research ,award wining gardens were insignificant in her life. At least her mother was alive.!!!!

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