Fish Wives Cookery Book

FishWives – A Fish Recipe Book

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Fish Wives - A Fish Recipe Cookery Book from Goatsbridge Trout Farm

Walt Disney once said “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”. This is exactly what I decide to do a few weeks ago when I opened yet another fish recipe book that did not include Rainbow trout in its index. I felt it was time to stop moaning about it and do something once and for all.  Yes folks, I have decided to edit a fish recipe book featuring almost nothing except Trout recipes! This will however, be a fish recipe book with a difference.

Hospice Africa Uganda

All profits will go to an amazing charity Hospice Africa Uganda. My connection is that my sister, journalist Miriam Donohoe, has been working with the charity in Kampala as a volunteer since January 2016. The mission of Hospice Africa Uganda is to end pain and suffering faced by thousands in Africa due to poor health services and to ensure that seriously ill people die pain free, in peace, comfort and dignity.

Fish Recipe Cook Book

The cookery book is to be called “Fishwives”, with a selection of what I hope are mainly trout recipes from women in Ireland and Uganda from diverse backgrounds and professions. But if it’s not a trout recipe that’s okay – you could still be a fishwife!

Goatsbridge Trout is funding the entire cost of designing and producing the book. Proceeds from sales will go to Hospice Africa Uganda. The book will cost €20 and I am printing 3,000 copies, €15 from each sale will go to Hospice Africa Uganda. The other €5 is the print cost. I have an ambitious target to raise €40,000 for Hospice Africa Uganda, to be channeled through Hospice Africa Ireland, a board which fund raises and supports Hospice Africa Uganda.

Have a read of  one of the many articles written by my sister Miriam since she arrived in Uganda. It will give you a great account of the work of hospice and the huge need.

So here is my ask. Would you contribute your favourite trout or fish recipe for the book? What I need is:

  • A fish recipe plus a digital picture of the recipe – a basic photo is fine as we will be reproducing the picture after testing the recipe.
  • A short biography, not more than 125 words.
  • A high resolution profile picture of yourself. If you don’t have one at hand I can arrange for one to be taken at your convenience.

The deadline for submission is 31st July 2016.

Fish Wives - A Fish Recipe Cookery Book from Goatsbridge Trout

See example Fish Wives sample cook book page from Caroline Hennessy

I have a book designer in Slater design and a printer sourced and commissioned for the project. The plan is to launch the book at The Savour Kilkenny Food Festival on Friday 28th October 2016. Why not put your thinking hats on and send me on your favourite trout recipe along with your details to We have a limit on the number of recipes but who knows, we may publish a second book!

Where to buy the Book?

The Fishwives – A Cookbook by Goatsbridge book can be purchased from:

  • Here on our website
  • Book Centre Waterford
  • Kilkenny Book Centre
  • Loughboy SuperValu Kilkenny
  • Arkeen Store Waterford
  • Butler’s Pantry Dublin
  • Supervalu Thomastown
  • Amazon Online

As an old friend of mine once said

“We are here to do good to others. What the others are here for I do not know”!!

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13 thoughts on “FishWives – A Fish Recipe Book”

  1. Good luck with your project, a great and imaginative idea. Am fortunate to have had a look at this amazing place, headquarters of Hospice Africa, Kampala, Uganda, a decade ago. It is a wonderful project, Clinical, Educational and Advocacy elements and most committed people imaginable. It is such a worthwhile cause. People I encountered were so stoic, positive and grateful, despite illness and adverse conditions. Their generosity towards their extended family members, in medical need was admirable, this despite having so little. I hope your project is a huge success!

    1. Hi Mary
      Delighted to hear of your support
      That will help drive on this project .
      Thank you so much for taking the time
      You might like to join us on 28th in Kilkenny for the launch !
      A lot of work between now and then !

      1. Is it on 28th July? If it has already happened, congrats. Will be glad to promote book among my friends when it’s published.

        1. Hi Mary
          So sorry but just see your comment now . Launch is on 28th October as part of savour Kilkenny so we would ove if you made it down . Venue to be decided . Fantastic support for this project and thanks a a million for your interest

  2. Hi Mags,
    Great project. I’d love to help. I have worked as a staff editor for Food&Wine magazine (from May-Dec last year).A large part of my job was taking chefs’ recipes and making them readable and clear for the home cook.
    I imagine the plan is for yourself and your sister to proof and edit the recipes but if you would like additional help I would be delighted to lend my services. Free of charge of course. All I’d ask is for a credit in the book.
    Let me know if this interests you or keep me in mind down the line should you need any assistance,
    Best of luck,

  3. Looking forward to ‘Fishwives’ being ready just in time to have some early Christmas pressies sorted! Great idea.

    1. Hi Clare
      Thanks a million for taking the time to comment . Getting such a positive reaction and really excited about this project . You might even consider coming down to KILKENNY on 28th October for the launch ?
      No details yet but save the date

    1. Thanks Angelica . Heading out to Uganda tomorrow to seee the good work being done by Hospice Africa Uganda . Proceeds of the book will certainly help thoer plight just a little but every little helps

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