Moroccan Fishy Sharing Plate

Makes 6 servings, preparation time 40 minutes, assembles in 10 minutes


Caviar & Trout Bon Bons:
200g/8oz Trout, cooked
100g/4oz firm cream cheese
½ tsp. Moroccan Harissa Paste
2 tsp. Horseradish
2 tsp. Lemon Juice
85g Goatsbridge Trout Caviar

For the Crab Quenelles:
200g/8oz White Crabmeat, cooked
1 tbsp. Mayonnaise
½ Lemon
1 tsp. Pink Peppercorns, crushed
Sweet Chilli Sauce, optional

Caviar & Harissa Mayo:
2 tbsp. Mayonnaise
1 tbsp. Goatsbridge Trout Caviar
½ tsp. Harissa Paste
1 Packet Sweet Sprouting Cauliflower Spears
Mango Cubes to decorate

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Moroccan Fishy Sharing Plate
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Moroccan Fishy Sharing Plate

Step 1

Lightly blend the first ingredients of the bon bons together to a firm consistency. Put a little olive oil on the palms of your hands to keep the mixture from sticking, and roll into balls – six large or twelve small. Spread the caviar on a plate and roll the balls to coat them in it – pressing it in. (The cool caviar pops in your mouth as you then hit the spiced trout mix.)

Step 2

For the crab quenelles, combine the crab with the mayonnaise and a squeeze of lemon juice. If using, add either the crushed peppercorns or a splash of sweet chilli sauce. Using two teaspoons, fashion the crab mixture into quenelle shape. Keep a bowl of very hot water to the side to refresh the teaspoons each time.

Step 3

Combine the mayonnaise, caviar and harissa paste. Blanch one packet of sweet sprouting cauliflower spears in boiling water for two minutes and cool immediately in ice-cold water. This keeps them crisp for dipping in the caviar mayo. You can replace the cauliflower with asparagus or any crudité-style vegetable if you like.

Step 4

To assemble the sharing plate, arrange the cauliflower around the plate, sitting the caviar bon bons and crab quenelles at intervals around the plate. Dot with mango cubes and serve the mayonnaise in the middle in a little dish. Serve with grilled pitta bread.

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