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A Bright Light Goes Out – Ciara Lawlor

A Bright Light Goes Out - Ciara Lawlor

Ciara Lawlor was suddenly taken from this world on 9th July this year. The daughter of a good friend and a family we spent many happy days together with when the kids were young. To say it absolutely knocked me for ten is an understatement. It was sudden and certainly not expected after her heart operation a few years ago for a minor heart issue, which was not expected to be life threatening.

What is life all about I ask myself?  Will they stand over our graves and say how hard we worked? Will they say how much money we made? In Ciara’s case they stood at her grave and talked about a light having gone out in the world. People gravitated towards her and she always, and I mean always had a radiating bright smile on her face and a word for everyone.

As we plough on with life, with the business of making money and achieving greatness we should make sure this success is not an empty victory. The best piece of advice a good friend of mine got form a very old lady was to do small acts of kindness daily in order to get him to the place he needed to get to. He took this advice on board and is now reaping the rewards and continues to do kind deeds.

Blaise Bronson talks about our legacy in his latest book “I Dare You”. He quotes Baden Powell:

“Leave this place a little better than you found it”

It is with this in mind I remind readers of an opportunity to live this message! Do not forget the new book “Fishwives” with will be launched in October at The Savour Kilkenny Food Festival. All proceeds go the incredible Hospice Africa Charity that you can read about in my last blog.

Let us never forget the short life of Ciara Lawlor and take example from it. She certainly left this world a better place.