Our Trout – fresh & local from farm to fork

We take great care to produce the freshest, healthiest trout we can. All the trout we produce are Rainbow Trout and are produced on our farm near Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny. There we use the fresh, clear water of the Little Arrigle river to feed our rearing ponds with clean, fresh, oxygen rich water which is essential for the healthy growth of our fish. We grow our trout from tiny eggs right up to large fish ready to eat and we can ensure complete traceability at all stages of rearing our fish.

We offer trout in a variety of ways – whole, gutted, portioned, as fillets and we also produce a range of smoked trout products that we are constantly developing.

Trout is one of the healthiest fish there is, it tastes delicious, is low in calories, high in protein and omega 3 fatty acids and is an excellent source of vitamins A & D. Trout has less than one third of the fat that salmon has. It is also an extremely sustainable product with virtually no waste as part of the catching or production process. It is locally produced which means it is guaranteed fresh and has no air miles associated with its transport.

Fresh Trout supplies

We supply our premium Irish trout direct to fish wholesalers, restaurants and fish shops throughout Ireland. We supply directly to Dublin every Tuesday and Thursday and deliver in the South East throughout the week.

Home deliveries

We can deliver frozen or fresh trout orders directly to your door ready to freeze.

Take a trip to the farm!

We also invite visitors to drop in to see our farm and how the fish are produced – it’s a fascinating story and also gives a real insight in what local food really means.

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5 thoughts on “Our Trout”

  1. just wondering can your trout be transferd to sea pens and reared there. do they need any vac- or meds to make this change possible and are they redley available on the market. and can you tell me would i be able to find a buyer for those fish once they are reared for the market. i am currently looking in to a licence to produce fin fish on our sea. any imformation would be apricated thanks John..

    1. Hi John
      My advise is talk to Bord Iasce Mhuire first , get the licence and then come back to me .
      Nobody producing trout at sea at present . Very problematic .

  2. hi, hoping you can sell me some of your fine trout, im in the process of setting up smokery here in laois, hope to do business in the future, Thanks for your time my number is 087 1325280

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